BCS Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness (Virtual Classroom)

BCS Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness (Virtual Classroom)
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Commercial AwarenessVirtual28-09-2020 2 Days£795
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Commercial AwarenessVirtual09-11-2020 2 Days£795
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What is the Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness

The Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness enables you to learn and understand the organisational behaviour and business finance areas of an organisation. You will discover the most effective ways to evaluate a financial case, and perform pricing, forecasting, budgeting and more using key techniques and tools. 

You will gain a solid understanding of the range of organisational models and business structures used, be able to interpret financial accounts, and analyse a business domain and portfolio value.

This course is one of the four modules you will need to complete in order to obtain the International Diploma in Business Analysis, along with Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice, Practitioner Certificate in Requirement Engineering, and the Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes.

Is this training suitable for me?

This course is ideally suited for delegates looking to understanding the way organisations are structured, their behaviours, cultures, and operations.

Anyone looking to earn their BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, will also need to complete this module. 

Finally, this course would benefit current Business Analysts, and those looking to make a career change into this industry.

Why study this Business Analysis Certificate with us

We have developed an expert team over the last 16+ years, since our inception. In that time, we have trained over 555,000 delegates globally, which has helped offer the highest quality training. 

By refining our processes, partner relationships, and course materials, we can offer the best training options, whether it’s a Classroom, Virtual Classroom, or Online via our eLearning platform.

You will also benefit from:

  •  Fast-track your learning with our 2-day Virtual Classroom
  •  Enhance your career prospects 
  •  Learn from expert trainers, with vast experience in this field
  •  We offer interest-free payment options

What job could I get with this qualification?

Delegates who complete this training can move into a range of job roles, like Consulting, Project Management, or Strategy Planning. We do find that delegates typically take this course to go into the following roles: 

  •  Business Analysis - £43k
  •  Business Architecture - £65k
  •  Enterprise Architecture - £92k

(Source: Glassdoor)

Course Details, Syllabus & Exams

You will immerse yourself over a 2-day course and learn the commercial and organisational knowledge required for business analysis work. The syllabus is structured around the two key areas of Business Finance and Organisational Behaviour.

Learning Outcomes

  •  Understand three techniques used to evaluate a financial case
  •  Understand costing and pricing
  •  Understand cash flow forecasting and budgeting
  •  Describe the contents of financial accounting documents
  •  Interpret financial accounts
  •  Explain specified business performance ratios
  •  Define the elements and usage of Porter’s Five Forces Framework and Value Chain
  •  Define the elements and usage of the Boston Consulting Group’s matrix
  •  Define the performance measures and usage of the Balanced Business Scorecard
  •  Define the elements of specified cultural analysis approaches
  •  Explain the different management structures and their characteristics
  •  Define the different architectures that may be adopted by organisations

Syllabus and Exam weighting

  •  Business Finance (50%)
    • Evaluating a Financial Case – 15%
    • Budgeting, Costing and Pricing – 15%
    • Financial Reporting and Analysis – 20%
  •  Organisational Behaviour (50%)
    • Market analysis and competitive advantage – 15%
    • Organisational behaviour and culture – 10%
    • Group formation – 5%
    • Principles of organisational structure – 10%
    • Operating models – 10%

Exam Details

  •  Duration – 60 minutes
  •  Supervised – Yes (via Proctor)
  •  Open Book – No, but you can use a simple calculator
  •  Pass Mark – 26/40
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